The Arrangement

at TT's

Summer of 2002 I escaped Chinatown to live in an apartment in Oak Square, Brighton, with a couple, Eric Boomhower and Ilona Virostek. They were both musicians and in a band called Ossiander (w/ Frank Aveni and Andy Abrahamson). Eric and Andy were also in The In Out back then.

One day I heard some mellow, slow songs coming from the end of the apartment hallway and I really liked what I heard. I sat in my bedroom and figured out the chords on my Fender Rhodes electric piano. One thing led to another and eventually we had a new band. Frank continued to play drums very, very quietly, and eventually Colin Asquith joined on bass.

group shot

We practiced at our apartment a great deal and later got a space in Belmont under a flooring supply company. The Arrangement played out frequently in Boston and New Haven and a few times in New York. We were interviewed for a local music magazine and received positive reviews of our first two self-released recordings—Recovery EP (2003) and A EP (2004), the latter recorded with Andy at the old Studio 8 location in the Trident building in Allston:
at Studio 8


I almost forgot to mention that our friend Eric Dahlman played trumpet on some of our recordings and a few live shows. He, Frank and I were also in a free improv group called Blood Cells around this time.

In late 2004 we began demoing eight new songs at the Berwick which took far too long and produced relatively mediocre results, mainly due to my ineptitude as a recordist. Ilona left the band around that time. MP3s of a few of these songs are below:
Room for Two
Now You Know—my favorite from this session
Beyond the Wall—I remember this being the oldest song we were playing at the time
Over the Hill—a demo of a song Eric, Colin and I wrote one night (I’m playing drums and keys on this)

By spring of 2005 I was pretty down on my playing and was too distracted by a girl, work, and another band I had started playing with, Tiny Amps, and I gave notice that I was leaving.

Eric, Frank and Colin kept at it as a power trio until the end of 2005.

It was fun playing keys with these guys, but at a certain point I hit a major wall skill-wise while everyone else kept progressing. It was quite frustrating. I suppose that’s why I’ve mainly stayed with the drums since then.

MH keys

Eric (and Andy) have a new band called The Big Disappointments; Ilona continues to make music on her own and with a band based out of New Haven called Pale White Moon; Colin writes and records his own music under the new name Two Headed; Frank went on to play with Diamond J and the Rough from New Haven and a free-form group called Blood Cells that I played with from time to time (more on that later). He now has an amazing drums/bass duo with Joshua Owsley called Geoglyphs.

at Great Scott

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