Summerduck practice

I was asked to join Farhad Ebrahimi’s band, Summerduck, in Spring 2008. Previously Farhad (of Boston’s Night Rally) had written some songs on his own and recorded loud versions of them with Greg Moss (ex-Common Cold) on bass and Kevin Micka (Animal Hospital) on drums. I helped a little bit with these recordings and was pumped on what I heard. They played a show or two with Ernie (Tristan da Cunha) on second guitar.

Neither Kevin nor Ernie could commit to anything beyond those first couple shows so Farhad asked guitarist Nate McDermott and myself to assist with live show duties. This band was loud. Loud and slow. Like Harvey Milk on ludes.

“Feelings” live at Great Scott December 3, 2008 (mp3)
“Lemons” live on WMBR June 23, 2009 (mp3)





phoenix article
Summerduck article in The Boston Phoenix (.pdf file)

Farhad now plays drums with Big Bear and is a new member of the incredible, undefinable Neptune (as is Kevin); Nate continues to play with his band of many years, Paper Thin Stages, and his new project, Quoins. When he isn’t studying C++, PASCAL, and JAVA, Greg is most likely on the road with Isis as their front of house engineer.

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