My good friend Thommy Saraceno has been making music under the name Owlfood since 2003. Sometimes his wife Anna and I give a hand in whatever way we can. He’s got three releases out now—Owlfood LP (2004), Black Optics EP (2006), split cassette w/ Al Qaeda (2010)—and has a track on the Death Aesthetics comp (2009).

Percussion for the first CD was tracked at my apartment in Oak Square, 2004:
tracking for Owlfood CD

Secret Spot/ Hell’s Drain
Hall Of Presidents
I Spent Two Months In Bed With Brian Wilson
Feral Child, Victor of Aveyron
Wax Glob
Love, Surfing And High Art
State Trooper

Drums on Black Optics were recorded at Blast Zone, Dudley Sq., 2005:
tracking for Black Optics

an opened eye/divine light
astral plane
weeping microphones/ a closed eye
multiple voices
travel through twilight

March 13, 2008 Owlfood performed live for the first time at the Rutherford Studios opening Rochester, NY:

Thommy’s photos of the ageless sea sessions, September 2008:
guitar setup

michael recording keys


MH recording drums

UPDATE 2/13/11:
Tracking for a new LP has commenced at Blast Zone.

UPDATE 12/25/11:
Merry Christmas! Much has happened this year I’ve neglected to add to this page until today. First off, recording the new full-length is ongoing, though due to my eight month absence progress has been quite slow. We are looking forward to its completion early 2012.

Greg Moss

Thommy recording

This past August Paradigms Recordings, a small label based in the U.K.. released a CD compilation of Owlfood songs. In conjunction with the release t-shirts were produced as well. We are incredibly grateful to Paradigms and all the folks who have bought the CD.

Owlfood comp CD

Owlfood shirts

Much to our surprise the New York Times (page two of the .pdf) gave the record a bit of attention as did CVLT Nation.

Anna, Thommy and I played a low-key show on December 10th. It was a real pleasure to work on these songs again and it gave me an opportunity to try out some new effects concepts for the Rhodes. Good times!

Thommy at practice

Anna and Michael

Anna hands

show flyer

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