Mick Malone


The Mick Malone CD was a recording project done over the summer of 2000. Thommy Saraceno wrote the tunes (except “813,” written w/ L-Contra) and produced the sessions at Folsom Ave with the help of Matt Foley and L-Contra. I played drums on five of the eight songs.

This record was a celebration of Thommy’s roots as well as a cathartic release of his past (ex-girlfriends, wrestling, the South).

Crimson Mask
The Familiar Sounds of the Mediocre March
The Great Confederate Escape of August 1997 (813)
Labors Backroom Negotiations (Two Dead in a Trunk)
Just My Luck
End Result of Six Months in Trade School
The Ghost Inside our Free Market

CD cover

CD back

Tampa Nights was Thommy’s first solo recording. He continues to make music under the moniker Owlfood.