at the Middle East

In 1993 I saw The Jesus Lizard at Memorial Hall in Kansas City. It fully blew my mind. My best friend’s older sister Lorrie had hipped us both to them, in addition to many other kick ass bands of the ’90s, and he and I jammed (very poorly) on TJL songs in my dad’s basement when we were in middle school.

Fast-forward 15 years or so and some friends and I put together a little tribute band. I couldn’t have asked for more suitable musicians for the roles of Denison (John McWilliams), Sims (Paul Joyce) and Yow (George Lewis Jr). Video and photos (by Amy Anstette) from our first show at the Middle East (8/24/07) are on this page. George swears he saw the security guard from the TJL Live at the Paradise 1994 DVD that night.

We also played a Halloween show the following October and I discovered later that some killer players from Louisville had done the same thing.

A year later The Jesus Lizard reunited and toured the US and Europe.

JohnJohn McWilliams

GeorgeGeorge Lewis Jr.

MichaelMichael Hutcherson

Paul Joyce

middle east

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