Future’s Past

future's past

Maybe a year or so after moving to Massachusetts I began making music with Colin Asquith, a roommate and high school friend of the person I credit for introducing me to anyone I know in New England, Noah Peffer. This would be the first of many musical endeavors with Colin.

We banged out song ideas, ate awesome food at my mother’s place, and eventually recorded five songs at Colin’s apartment on Folsom Ave. in Mission Hill. His place at the end of a little dead-end street was constantly abuzz with creative energy. On any given day you’d find Matt Foley working on a new underground hip-hop track, Noah making weird installation art with garbage bags covering his bedroom, and Colin editing videos using multiple television sets, 8mm cameras and VHS decks. Many a wild party was had there and I spent countless nights on the apartment’s big brown couch affectionately referred to as “Rusty.”

Future’s Past songs were instrumental and written without bass guitar, probably evident in the songs below, though Colin did overdub bass after we laid down the basic tracks. Featured prominently on these recordings is a distortion pedal called The Roadkill.

Piate Pisney
Lead Roses
Danny T.
New Curb
Elvin Trials

I don’t recall any photographs or videos being made of this project. Colin made a CD cover, which is about it for visual evidence. We never played a show and sometime in 1999 went on to making music with another classmate from SMFA, Thommy Saraceno, under the name The Armada.