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Sometime in 2002 while I was living in Chinatown Luke Rocha, an old friend from Kansas City, sent me some song fragments on 4-track tapes. The project was called Arrangements in Costume. The elements he sent were sequences of various sampled material and synthesizer tracks which I then added to and mixed into cohesive songs. It was a fun little collaboration. The song below is a nice representation of the eight or so finished tracks:

Arrangements in Costume

Luke came up to Massachusetts the following summer and we began what would become the first official Fiddleback record. Basic sounds and sequences were constructed by Luke on his trusty SP-1200 and Dr. Sample; Ben Clouette, who I’d been playing with in La Bete, came down and played cello on a few songs. That August Luke and I loaded up my 1976 Ford RV with music gear and drove to the Hutcherson family farmhouse in Marshall, MO where we recorded piano, drums, and pump organ.

the RV

While in Marshall we recorded a few songs with Aaron Sutton (Brother of Moses) and Roscoe (Negro Scoe) which later came out as the Help Has Arrived 7-song EP:

Step One
Layed Out In La-La Land
Rocking Forward
Step Two

More tracking and mixing was done at my Oak Square apartment September-November 2002 and we released the Tin CD that winter.

Fiddleback TIN cover

Poorly Woven Soul
Chordaulodion Pt. 1
The Unsung
Chadaulodion Pt. 2
Light Up The Whole World
The Masked Ball
All Souls Day Parade
Ticket Booth
At The Turn Of A Crank
Face Off
Marshall’s Theme
The T (w/ L. Contra)
Ending Of The Ending

Luke and I were working on a new batch of songs before he moved back to KC in 2003, but we never got around to completing most of them. We may one day revisit this project, but for now have a listen to the four songs we finished:

The Rain
Fat Reindeer (remix)
Kansas City International Airport (Colin Asquith on gtr)

Luke is also an accomplished photographer, collage artist (he designed all the Fiddleback graphics) and zine maker. Check out his work at and the Pitch Weekly article from 2006.

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