Broken River Prophet

BRP @ PA's lounge 8/21/08

Adam Brilla, friend and bandmate from Tiny Amps, has had for many years a musical project called The Broken River Prophet. The lineup perpetually ebbs and flows and I rode the wave for a short time as drummer and keyboardist through autumn of 2006 to winter of 2007, and again for a very brief time in late summer of 2008. Playing shows with these guys was a blast.

I also had the honor of playing on a few recordings with the BRP. The first session was at Tremolo Lounge with Roger Lavalleee, November 2006. A few months later we began tracking at my studio, Blast Zone, a process which would run into the summer of 2007. All the tunes I either played on or engineered came out on the CD below, With Infinite Arms to Cradle the Flames.

EP cover

EP back

I played drums on these two tracks:
The Gaping Wound in My Chest is Like Reading Your Diary Out Loud
Burned in Place

BRP @ Middle East

The Broken River Prophet continues to write and perform. Visit their bio page to see who is doing what.

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